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School Rules & Regulations


The school’s approach towards discipline is to inculcate in pupils a sense of self-
discipline and responsibility towards one’s action. A set of school rules and
regulations is put in place to promote good behaviour.

General Conduct

a) Be polite, honest, well-behaved and considerate to others at all times, upholding the name of the school.

b) Show respect and obey school authority, e.g. Principal, Vice-Principal, teachers, Student Councillors, other pupils and non-teaching staff.

c) Greet all teachers and visitors when you meet them.

d) Take good care of school properties and premises.

e) Any forms of telecommunication or electronic devices can only be used at ground level in the school before and after school hours. Item will be confiscated for 2 weeks for non-compliance.

f) Do not hold any function, gatherings or conduct any activities within the school premises without the prior knowledge and consent of the Principal or Vice-Principal.


The flag raising ceremony will start at 7.30 a.m every day. All school gates will be closed 5 minutes before the start of school (i.e 7.25 a.m). This is to ensure promptness in starting the morning assembly. All students are encouraged to arrive in school 15 minutes before flag raising. A student is considered late if he/she is not seated according to his/her class once the bell has rung for the flag raising ceremony.
a) Pupils who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Pupils will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

b) A pupil is considered a latecomer if he/she is not seated in their class once the flag raising ceremony has started. 

c) Student Councillors on duty will then record down the names of all latecomers in the presence of a discipline staff. Once the Student Councillors leave for lessons, all latecomers shall report to the General Office. They are to scan their thumbprint using biometric system, record their names in the latecoming file and then obtain an “Admission Slip for Late-comers”. The Admission Slip shall be signed by OMs, Teacher Aide (Discipline) or DM. 

d) Latecomers will need to produce the Admission Slip to the subject teacher in the class. This Admission Slip should then be submitted to Teacher Aide (Discipline) at the end of the day. 

e) Subject teachers shall NOT admit any latecomer into their classes if he/she could not produce the Admission Slip. Teachers will send them back to the General Office to collect one


a) Pupils must be punctual and present for all school lessons, supplementary and remedial lessons, CCAs and other school-related activities.

b) All absence from school should be covered with MC. This includes attendance for all official school events (such as Sports Day, Prize Giving Day etc) and all examinations. Only MC from a government-registered clinic will be accepted. MC from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner is not acceptable. Parent’s letter will only be accepted at the discretion of the school and on a case by case basis. A student is considered to have committed truancy if he/she is absent without valid reason from school. He/She may be awarded a “Fair” or “Poor” conduct grade for the semester.

Parents will receive an SMS notification (with effect from 18th Jan) if your child is not in school by 0830 hrs.

Permission to leave school

a) If a pupil needs to leave school early for any reasons, his parents must seek permission from the Discipline Master, HODs or the Principal. A copy of the “Permission to leave school early” form must be fully completed before the pupil is allowed to leave school in the company of his/her parent/guardian

Wilful Absenteeism

a) If any pupils persistently demonstrate unwillingness to benefit from the opportunity to receive education by playing truant, he/she is liable to be expelled on grounds of wilful absenteeism.

b) The consequences of wilful absenteeism include being barred from either School or National GCE examinations.

Behaviour during recess

a) Do not remain in class during recess, unless authorized by the teacher.

b) Queue up to make purchases.

c) Consume all food and drinks in the canteen only. No sweet drinks or food should be brought to the classroom.

d) Return all utensils to the receptacles provided after food has been consumed.

e) The duration of recess is 25 minutes. There will be a melody to indicate the end of recess. Pupils should assemble in the parade square immediately once they hear the melody. The bell, which will ring five minutes later, signifies the start of the next period. Pupils should be in their respective classes, ready for lesson.

Classroom Conduct

a) Stand up to greet your teacher before the start of lesson and thank him/her after each lesson.

b) Be courteous and attentive.

c) Complete and submit all assignments punctually.

d) Seek permission from your teacher if you have a valid reason to leave the classroom and display the exit pass given.

e) Do not use rude or abusive language.

f) Keep the classroom clean and tidy at all times.

g) Show consideration to others by keeping the noise level low.

Committing of Offences

a) Pupils who commit minor offences will be dealt with by their respective form teacher or subject teachers. 

b) Pupils who commit major offences or even consistently commit minor offences will then be referred to their respective Head of Level or even the Discipline Master. They will be punished accordingly to the school rules and will be given a “Fair” or “Poor” conduct grade for the Semester.

c) A range of consequences such as warning, counseling and detention will be meted out for minor offences while caning, suspension or even expulsion will be carried out for pupils who commit major offence or consistently commit minor offences.


a) Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform especially tapering of pants is NOT allowed.

b) All pupils are to put on their uniform neatly and smartly. The shirt must be tucked in at all times for both boys and girls. 

c) The length of skirt should not be above the knee cap for girls. 

d) School PE T-shirts can only be worn during PE lessons, for CCAs and other specified school activities. 

e) Pupils are not allowed to vandalise their PE T-shirts or shorts with pictures or drawings. 

f) Pupils should change back to their school uniform after their PE lesson. 

g) Only the school PE T-shirt can be worn beneath the school shirt. Alternatively, a plain white T-shirt is also allowed. 

h) For footwear, only track/running shoes or white canvas shoes are allowed. The track shoes must be 75% white/silver. Any form of graffiti is not allowed on the shoes. All shoes should be accompanied by plain white socks. The length of white socks should be such that it is clearly visible. Pupils are not allowed to wear sandals or slippers at all times.


For Boys:
a) Hair should be kept short, properly combed and neat at all times.

b) The hair must not touch the eyebrows, ears and the back of the shirt collar.

c) Side-burns can only be kept up till the same level as the eye.

d) The hair at the back should be neatly sloped up (no overlapping or V-shaped hairstyle).

e) Punkish hairstyles, dyeing or tinting of hair is not allowed.

f) Facial hairs such as beards, moustaches or goatees are strictly prohibited.

g) Please refer to Annex A for reference.

For girls:
a) Hair should be neat at all times. The fringe must not exceed the eyebrows. Any long fringe should be neatly pinned, clipped or tied up.

b) Dyeing, tinting or colouring of hair is not allowed.

c) All hair accessories like hair pins or hair bands must be either black or navy blue in colour.

d) Please refer to Annex A for reference.


a) Keep your nails short and clean. Nail polish on the nails is not permitted. 

b) Wearing of make-up or ornaments such as rings, bracelets, pendants, etc is strictly forbidden. Only girls are allowed to wear a pair plain identical ear studs (silver or gold in colour). No additional earring holes are allowed on the ear-lobe. 

c) Tinted lenses are not permitted and spectacles should not have fanciful rims.

d) Only transparent contact lenses can be worn and any contact lenses for aesthetic purposes (coloured, etc) are not allowed. 

e) If a talisman is to be worn for religious purposes, it must be worn with a black string and hung well below the collar bone. 

f) No tattoo or any form of body art is allowed.

Annex A


Use of Mobile Phone

Students are allowed to use their mobile phones only in the canteen before and after school curriculum hours. Mobile phone is to be kept on silent mode at all times. Students are not allowed to use their mobile phone during recess time, supplementary / remedial lessons and during CCA training. 

The full list of school rules can be found from page 12 to 18 of the Student’s Handbook 2017. 
We seek your cooperation in supporting our school’s disciplinary efforts. We look forward to working with you to develop your child holistically. Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Teo Yee Ann, Discipline Master at 65603726 should you have any queries with regards to this matter. Thank you.