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Adapting in the Midst of Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to Covid-19, CCAs had to stand down and many schools were encouraged to take a different approach towards conducting their CCA such that the students can still develop holistically.

Hillgrove Secondary School is proud to be featured in Channel 8 狮城有约 where they covered on eCCA in schools In the programme, Hillgrove’s dance instructor Ada Chia as well as Chong Jin Yi of Class 3-9 from the Modern Dance CCA were interviewed. Dance instructor Ada Chia had been conducting online classes for students from Hillgrove Secondary School. She said it was indeed a challenge to conduct dance lessons online as she was unable to correct their postures and can only communicate it through verbal instructions. Furthermore, she was mindful of students’ safety as there was limited space at home. However, the students were still enthusiastic and involved in the lessons.

The featured student, Chong Jin Yi also said that she was grateful to be able to remain active and maintain her basic foundations. Despite the difficult period, both the instructor and students were able to adapt and overcome their adversity.