How to contact our Form Teachers?

To contact our Form Teachers, you can either call the school at 6560 3726 or write an email to us at hillgrovess@moe.edu.sg. Our General Office colleagues, who answer the call or read your email, will notify the respective Form Teachers you wish to contact and the Form Teacher 
will then contact you. 

As a student of the school, where can I get useful information concerning my studies, for example, examination timetable, school timetable, etc? 

At the school website’s main page, hover over ‘Student Admin’. From the drop-down menu, you will see a drop down menu of options. Select ‘Student Matters’ to view student related matters. Select ‘Exam Matters’ for all examination related matters. 

As a Parent, where can I get more information about the school? 

At the school website’s main page, hover over ‘Partnerships’. From the drop-down menu, choose ‘Parents Page’.  On that page, you will see all the hyperlinks that will direct you to the relevant pages that you wish to see. 

I am interested in the dates of school events. Where can I get this information? 

You may visit the school website. At the school website’s main page, click on ‘Student Admin’. From the drop-down menu, choose ‘Student Matters’ and click on ‘School Calendar’.  The dates of major school events can be found there. 

Who can I look for concerning the various areas of student education in Hillgrove? 

You may contact the school via telephone or email to contact the following staff members who are in charge of the following areas: 

No.AreaStaff in Charge
1 Student CounsellingMr Alastair Eng Bak Yeow (School Counsellor)
Mrs Susan Tham (School Counsellor)
2Learning SupportMdm Tan Yang Ling (Learning & Behavioural Support)
3 Financial AssistanceMr Ee Yin Ren Gus (Administration Manager)
4 Student AdministrationMr Ee Yin Ren Gus (Administration Manager)
5Student DisciplineMr Teo Yee Ann (HOD, Discipline)
6ICT SystemsMdm Lee Li Lian (HOD, ICT)
*updated as of 5th  April 2018 

I have further questions. Would the school answer them and then post it to this FAQ page? 

You may write your question to hillgrovess@moe.edu.sg. We will answer your question as soon as we can. If the question is also applicable to other relevant parties, we will post the question and answer in this FAQ page without revealing who posed the question and other details that may identify you and/or your child/ward.