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Learning For Life Programme

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Arts E3: Engage, Excite, Empower!

Hillgrove’s Learning for Life Programme

Beauty Beyond, Beyond Beauty.

In Hillgrove, we believe that there is a Beauty Beyond that which we encounter in our everyday routines of life. Yet Beyond Beauty, beyond the development of artistic skills and competencies, character and values are paramount! Through the arts, we hope to enrich students’ lives not just in learning new skills and gaining new experiences, but also to nurture students character and values through the arts.

The Hillgrove experience comes with a strong art and music programme. The General Art Programme will expose students to a wide range of art forms and techniques, fuelling ideas and igniting creativity in our students. The school also organizes a yearly art exhibition of our students’ work. The General Music Programme caters for much hands-on learning, with the school equipped with a wide range of musical instruments for students to learn. Through the General Music Programme, all students will perform a music item for a public audience.

Hillgrove’s Arts Learning for Life Programme (LLP) complements our General Art and General Music Programmes to better cater to the diverse interests of our students and to give them opportunities to excel in the arts. The LLP enables students to learn the performing arts (dance and drama), and also have a hand in media arts.

We hope that through the Arts Education Programme, students will discover their talents in the arts, and be encouraged to further their interests in the arts through tertiary education, and possibly in their future careers.