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Learning For Life Programme


In Hillgrove, we believe that the arts is an effective vehicle in building confidence in students and helping them to learn to articulate and communicate their ideas effectively. The arts is also an ideal platform to nurture students who are passionate and who believe in what they do.

Currently, the Hillgrove experience comes with a strong visual and performing arts programme. The General Art Programme will expose students to a wide range of art forms and techniques, fuelling ideas and igniting creativity in our students. The school also organizes a yearly art exhibition of our students’ work. The General Music Programme caters for much hands-on learning, with the school equipped with a wide range of musical instruments for students to learn. Through the General Music Programme, all students will perform a music item for a public audience.

With the implementation of Hillgrove’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in 2015, we hope to broaden our arts programme to better cater to the diverse interests of our students and to give them opportunities to excel in the arts. On top of our existing arts programme, we will be embarking on the Performing and Media Arts (PMA) Modules, which will allow all students to experience a wide range of art forms in dance, drama, music, graphic design, videography and broadcasting. Students will also be given the opportunity to choose one of the modules to learn in-depth and excel in.
We hope that through the arts education programme, students will be encouraged to further their interests in the arts through tertiary education, and possibly in their future careers.