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Applied Learning Programme

Hillgrove Secondary School has a three-tiered approach to organising our Flight & Aerospace Applied Learning Programme.


Target Audience

Description of Activities

F&A Explorer

All Sec 1 & 2 students

STEM ALP Lessons

(Click on the link to a 2-min video showing what a typical STEM ALP lesson looks like – https://tinyurl.com/hgv-stem-alp-2019)

·        Weekly timetabled lessons (2 periods per week) in Sec 1 Semester 2 and Sec 2 Semester 1

o   In Sec 1, students will learn about the 4 forces of flight and engage in various hands-on design challenges, e.g.

§  Balloon-powered car

§  Parachute

§  Balsa glider

o   In Sec 2, students will learn about the principle behind the GPS and be exposed to elements of computational thinking through

§  Hands-on with the Airblock

§  Programming with the Airblock

§  Playing Potato Pirates

§  Hands-on with the micro:bit


Design-Build-Fly Workshops

·        Paper Airplanes

o   For Sec 1 students, Semester 1 After-Exam Activity

·        Rubber Band-Powered Airplanes

o   For Sec 2 students, during STEM Camp


F&A Enthusiast

Selected students


·        Air Scouts

·        NCC (Air)

·        Youth Flying Club


Drones Training

·        Learn to operate the DroneX Pro over 6 sessions spanning Feb & Mar


Space Camp

·        Organised in collaboration with Science Centre Singapore


CAAS Inspiring Aviators’ Dialogue

·        Organised by CAAS and provides an opportunity for F&A Enthusiasts to find out more about life in the aviation industry


Aviation Open House/ Singapore Air Show

·        Visit the Aviation Open House in odd years and the Singapore Air Show in even years


F&A Leader

Selected students

Design, Build & Fly Radio Control Aeromodels

·        Learn to design, build & fly your own Radio Control (RC) Aeromodel over 15 sessions spanning Feb to Jun

·        Mentor other students in the design, building & flying of RC Aeromodels


Aerobatic Flying

·        Learn the skills of aerobatic flying so you can contribute to the school’s outreach efforts to primary schools


Our Highlights

A group of Hillgrove Secondary School students went to Houston, USA, to participate in the Youth Mission to Mars, a joint project where students from USA, France and Singapore collaborated in exploring the feasibility of living on Mars.
A team of Hillgrove Secondary School students (Wang Hao Ming, Justin Chua Jun Yee, Caleb Goh Kai Woon and Ethan Tan Rui En) submitted a proposal for a scientific experiment to be conducted on board the International Space Station.
Their proposal was selected (a first for Singapore!) and their proposed experiment was carried out on board the International Space Station. Their hypothesis was that the way paper planes would fly in a microgravity environment would change depending on the angle of their ailerons, or the outer wing flaps that control the plane’s roll.
Click on this link to watch the video of the actual experiment conducted – https://tinyurl.com/hgv-stem-kibo
Our school played host to Mediacorp’s Channel 8 as they wanted to feature our ALP programme as an example of how schools are making learning more engaging and how students can benefit from the time freed up with the removal of mid-year examinations.
alp3_2.jpg alp3_1.jpg
Our school was pleased to host Ghostcat Medienproduktion GmbH, a German media production company¸ as they wanted to film our school’s ALP programme to bring it to a German TV audience.