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Applied Learning Programme


Hillgrove takes a holistic approach to engage and raise students’ understanding of STEM through the field of aerospace as well as to nurture interested students to become future aerospace professionals. A structured three tier programme is put in place to progressively develop the interest and competencies of students in flight and aerospace. Hillgrovians with the passion and aptitude are nurtured to become future aerospace professionals.

Achievements & Highlights

F&A STEM Curriculum
Hillgrovians develop greater understanding of the application of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through the Flight and Aerospace curriculum. F&A STEM curriculum forms the backbone of Hillgrove’s F&A programme. Students discover and explore the physics of flight with experimental activities based on Scientific Methods (observation, analysis and conclusion) and Design Thinking.

Secondary 1
Students discover the effects of air pressure and velocity on aerofoil, and the four forces of flight. They will design, build and launch a Glider, and experience realistic flying with Flight Simulator.

Secondary 2
Students explore the design of future air transport, principle of Global Positioning System and functions of flight control system. They will design, build and launch a Paper Rocket, understand and apply the working principle and operation of quadcopter, and design and construct an airplane with Kerbal Space Program.

Secondary 3
Interested students have the opportunity to deepen their learning in the physics of flight with the F&A STEM programme in Secondary 3.

F&A Explorer 
F&A Explorer is a level-wide programme to raise awareness and understanding of flight and aerospace amongst secondary 1 to 3 students i.e. F&A STEM Lessons, Design-Build-Fly programmes, STEM Trail @ Changi Airport, Learning Journeys to IHLs. These programmes provide students with authentic learning experiences through the hands-on activities that excite them to learn more about flight and aerospace. The learning journeys allow students to have a better awareness of the educational opportunities in aerospace. 
F&A Enthusiast 
F&A Enthusiast involves nurturing student interest, knowledge and competencies in flight and aerospace. Interested students participate in enrichment programmes and careers awareness and talks i.e. Space Camp with Science Centre Singapore, Youth Space Program with Singapore Space and Technology Association, Inspiring Aviators Talk with Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Advanced Elective Programme in Aerospace Fundamentals with Singapore Polytechnic, and Elective module in Character & Career Development Programme in Aviation. 
F&A Leader 
F&A Leader aims to grow leadership competencies in passionate and talented students in the Youth Flying Club, National Cadet Corps (Air) and Air Scouts. This programme provides selected Hillgrovians with the opportunity to build knowledge, skills and relationship through co-learn, co-creation and co-care with their peers, seniors and the experts. The Leaders are equipped with a high level of proficiency in Radio Control Aeromodelling, Aerobatics Flying, Drones Flying, communication and presentation skills through specialised training programmes. Moreover, the Leaders are a committed, responsible and hardworking team who are capable of mentoring and guiding their peers in the operation of Radio Control Aeromodels and Drones as well as confident individuals in promoting flight and aerospace to the community. 
Honours & Recognition
  • Hillgrove F&A was mentioned during Prime Minister’s National Day Rally 2013
  • Hillgrove hosted the CAAS Heart of Aviation Explorer Launch Ceremony with GOH, Mrs Josephine Teo (2015)
  •  Hillgrove hosted the Generation Aerospace Exhibition with Rolls Royce Trent 1000 Aero Engine (2015)
  • Hillgrove participated in Youth Mission to Mars at Houston Space Center in (2016)
  • Hillgrove represented Singapore in the International Space Station Kibo Asian Try Zero-G Experiment with “The Flying Paper Plane” project at Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Tsukuba Space Center (2016)
  • Hillgrove F&A ALP was featured at Singapore Day 2016 which was held in San Francisco