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Achievements & Highlights

C.B. Paul Science Quiz

Upper Sec - 2 Gold, 3 Bronze (2019)

International Biomedical Quiz

2 Bronze (2019)

ignITE Skills Challenge

1st & 3rd Overall (2019)

Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad

2 Bronze (2019)

Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad

1 Bronze (2019) 

Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad

 2 Bronze (2019)


To nurture reflective learners who know the joy of learning.

When students know the joy of learning:

  • They know the purpose of learning
    • We help students to be clear about the learning target
  • They are engaged in learning
    • We design lessons that encourage students to process at a deeper level in the classroom, beyond the visual and auditory, e.g. increasing student talk (about the subject) in the classroom.
    • We also use hands-on activities to make the learning of Science more concrete.
  • They are passionate about learning
    • We help students to make connections to the real world in our lessons, e.g. use of videos, discrepant events and demonstrations.
    • We provide opportunities for students to develop their interests and strengths.

What is a reflective learner?