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Highlights & Achievements

Design, Build and Launch a Paper Rocket

The Design, Build and Launch a Paper Rocket Programme is catered for Secondary 2 students. Pupils are required to use concepts and principles in Science lessons to design and build their own paper rockets which can fly the longest distance.

STEP Sunburst Science Educators Programme

Hillgrove pupils who exhibit a keen interest and aptitude in Science are given the opportunity to participate in the STEP Sunburst Science Educators programme organised by Singapore Science Centre. This is a Youth Science Movement where pupils are developed and grow to become ambassadors of Science. Through regular assessment, practice and training, teachers work with pupils to plan, design and investigate a simple Science experiment. Pupils will then communicate their experiments to the public in allocated booths within Science Centre Singapore. 

38th International C.B. Paul Science Quiz

Secondary 4 Biology pupils took part in the 38th International C.B. Paul Science Quiz 2016. This annual quiz aims to provide a platform for science and mathematics talents to develop their aptitude and potential in the pure and applied sciences through critical thinking. 2 Individual Honourable Mention and 3 Individual Merit Awards was obtained by Hillgrovians. 

ignITE Skills Challenge 

Our N level pupils shone at the ignITE Skills Challenge 2016. The national competition provided  N level pupils a platform to enjoy and learn Science through the fun-filled and hands-on activities at the National level. We are glad that two teams advanced to the finals. 

The mission of the Science Department is to nurture reflective learners who know the joy of learning. When students know the joy of learning, we hope:
      • They know the purpose of learning
      • They are engaged in learning
      • They are passionate about learning and developing their interests and strengths

To help students know the purpose of learning, we work with our colleagues in the Character Development & Guidance Committee to provide education and career guidance to our students. We also introduce the traits of conscientiousness (being responsible, dependable, organised, caring & persistent) to students as a consistent predictor of future success, and encourage students to grow in these traits.

To help students be engaged in learning, we strive to design lessons that encourage students to process at a deeper level, e.g. increasing student talk (about the subject) in the classroom. We also use hands-on activities to cater to the more kinaesthetically-inclined learners.

To help students be passionate about learning, we strive to make connections to the real world in our lessons, e.g. use of videos, discrepant events, demonstrations, so students see the relevance of what they are learning.