Physical Education



The PE curriculum at Hillgrove Secondary School aims to enable students to demonstrate individually and with others, the physical skills, practices and values to enjoy a lifetime of active, healthy living. Through intentional planning and implementation of the curriculum in the three learning areas of (a) Physical Activities, (b) Physical Health and Fitness and (c) Outdoor Education, we hope our students will achieve the following goals:

  1. Acquire a range of movement skills to participate in a variety of physical activities.
  2. Understand and apply movement concepts, principles and strategies in a range of physical activities.
  3. Demonstrate safe practices during physical and daily activities with respect to themselves, others and the environment.
  4. Display positive personal and social behaviour across different experiences.
  5. Acquire and maintain health-enhancing fitness through regular participation in physical activities.

Enjoy and value the benefits of living a physically active and healthy life.

Achievements & Highlights

Physical Activities

Students are provided with instructions and opportunities to participate competently in various sports and games such as Swimming, Floorball, Badminton, Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee. Through the annual Secondary 1 Swim Carnival and inter-class games organised for all levels, students are given the platforms to apply the physical skills, knowledge and attitudes acquired during PE lessons. 

Physical Health and Fitness

We aim to develop in students skills and knowledge in the content areas of health and fitness management, healthy eating and weight management, and personal safety in physical activities. At Secondary 2 and 4/5 level, students go through the National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA) Test for individual assessment of fitness. 

Outdoor Education

In Outdoor Education, students are taught skills, knowledge and attitudes, and given platforms to explore the natural and urban environments safely and responsibly. The learning experiences are set in the authentic contexts of the annual Secondary 1 Outdoor Adventure Camp and the expedition-based Secondary 3 Outward Bound Singapore Camp. Through these camps, students will also develop useful leadership competencies. 

Cross Country/Sports Meet 

The annual Cross Country/Sports Meet provides students with opportunities to actively engage with fellow Hillgrovians in a school-wide sporting event. The Sport Summit, an annual camp organised for the Physical Sports CCA athletes, provides students with platforms to bond with fellow athletes and re-align their sporting purposes in school. The Sailing & Sustainability Programme organised for a targeted group of Secondary 2 students provides students with opportunities to participate in a niche and specialised sport.