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Mother Tongue Languages


Achievements & Highlights

 Teaching & Learning
  • School-based Curriculum Resources
  • Reading Programme on Specific Readers and Newspapers
    • Zb Comma
    • Dewan Siswa, Dewan Pelajar
  • MT Intensive Programme
  • Differentiated Learning in Enhancing Learning Outcomes
  • Cluster Sharing - O-Level Malay Language Preparatory Workshop

Cultural Exposure
  • Festive celebrations: Chinese New Year, Hari Raya
  • MTL Fortnight Cultural Programme
  • Learning Journeys to River Hongbao, Chinatown, Malay Heritage Centre
  • CL & ML Inter-class essay writing competitions, EL-ML Translation competition, Boogle competition
  • CL Workshops: Bamboo book making, Tea appreciation, Newspaper report-writing, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dumpling making
  • ML Workshops: DJ workshop, Journalism workshop, Seni khat layang-layang 
  • National Chinese Essay Writing Competition for Secondary Schools (全国中学生现场华文创作比赛)(Overall 2nd)
  • National Chinese Creative Reading Competition (全国中小学创意阅读比赛)
  • National Chinese Mobile App Development by Students for Students Competition(2018年全国学生华文应用程序APP制作比赛)
  • English-Melayu NJC Translation Competition (3T)
  • Peraduan Mengarang EDN (Pena Emasku)
  • Zoombara Amazing Race


The Hillgrove Mother Tongue language learning experience focuses on exposing students to their cultural roots through a series of workshops, competitions and local and overseas learning journeys. We believe that language learning is not confined to the classroom and should be actively applied in our everyday lives. Through our curriculum and our enrichment programmes, we seek to develop each Hillgrovian to be a confident and proficient user of their own Mother Tongue Language. Our school also offers Higher Chinese to students who display keen interest and aptitude in the subject.