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Mother Tongue Languages

The Hillgrove Mother Tongue language learning experience focuses on exposing students to their cultural roots through a series of workshops, competitions, local and overseas learning journeys. We believe that language learning is not confined to the classroom and should be actively applied in our everyday lives.

Highlights & Achievements

 Teaching & Learning
  • School-based Curriculum Resources
  • Reading Programme on Specific Readers and Newspapers
    • Zb Comma
    • Dewan Siswa, Dewan Pelajar
  • MT Intensive Programme
  • Differentiated Learning in Enhancing Learning Outcomes
  • Cluster Sharing - O-Level Malay Language Preparatory Workshop

Cultural Exposure
  • Festive celebrations: Chinese New Year, Hari Raya
  • MTL Fortnight Cultural Programme
  • Learning Journeys to River Hongbao, Chinatown, Malay Heritage Centre
  • CL & ML Inter-class essay writing competitions, EL-ML Translation competition, Boogle competition
  • CL Workshops: Bamboo book making, Tea appreciation, Newspaper report-writing, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dumpling making
  • ML Workshops: DJ workshop, Journalism workshop, Seni khat layang-layang 
  • National Chinese Essay Writing Competition for Secondary Schools (全国中学生现场华文创作比赛)(Overall 2nd)
  • National Chinese Creative Reading Competition (全国中小学创意阅读比赛)
  • National Chinese Mobile App Development by Students for Students Competition(2018年全国学生华文应用程序APP制作比赛)
  • English-Melayu NJC Translation Competition (3T)
  • Peraduan Mengarang EDN (Pena Emasku)
  • Zoombara Amazing Race