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The Mathematics Department aims for Hillgrovians to acquire a good foundation in Mathematics knowledge and skills, develop and apply mathematical thinking and problem solving skills in their everyday life. The abilities to reason logically, communicate mathematically and learning collaboratively and independently are also core to the delivery of our programmes to students. AfL, ICT and manipulatives are used to enhance students’ understanding and develop Mathematical skills and proficiencies. Students are also exposed to stretch programmes such as Math Olympiad and All Secondary Math Competition, as well as opportunities to learning beyond the classroom such as Math Trail and projects.

Highlights & Achievements

Singapore Mathematical Olympiads

In the 2016 Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Competition, our students achieved 1 Bronze award and 5 Honourable Mention in the Junior category and 1 Bronze award in the Senior category.

All Singapore Mathematics Competition

In 2016, 12 students participated in the All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course.