The Mathematics Department aims for Hillgrovians to acquire a good foundation in Mathematics knowledge and skills, develop mathematical thinking and problem solving skills so they can apply them in their everyday life. The abilities to reason logically, communicate mathematically and learn collaboratively and independently are core to the delivery of our programmes to students. AfL, ICT and manipulatives are used to enhance students’ understanding and develop Mathematical skills and proficiencies. The department also created an easy structured thinking routine (3Cs: Comprehend & Spot, Connect & Strategise, Check & Sense) to guide students in solving non-routine and real-world problems. Students are exposed to stretch programmes such as Math Olympiad and All Secondary Math Competition, as well as opportunities to learn beyond the classroom such as Math Trail and projects.

Mission - Principles of Accounts

The mission of the Principles of Accounts (POA) unit is to nurture Hillgrovians:
    1. to understand how businesses measure and communicate their performance and
    2. to make use of accounting and non- accounting information to make decisions. 
The unit aims to do achieve this mission through helping students establish a firm foundation in the fundamentals of book-keeping and making connections of what they learnt in POA to real-word context.

Video Highlights

Achievements & Highlights

Mathematics Talent Management Programme

Students who are interested and talented in Mathematics are identified for this programme, where training is provided to expose them to higher level Mathematics before taking part in Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) Competition.

2019: SMO (Junior) 3 Honourable Mention, SMO (Senior) 4 Honourable Mention and 3 Bronze

All Singapore Mathematics Competition

Selected students from Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) streams take part in All Secondary Schools Mathematics Competition every year.

Upper Secondary Normal (Academic), Individual Category:
2020: Rank 9 Lim Ke Xuan

Sec 1 Mathematics Trail to JEM or IMM 

 A Mathematics Trail to JEM or IMM is organised for all Secondary One students to give them an opportunity to discover the use of Mathematics in the real world, improve students' problem-solving ability and improve teamwork among themselves during the trail.

Included: Sec 3 POA Trail to JEM, Westgate and IMM