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Information & Communications Technology



The school leverages the affordance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to put quality learning in the hands of every learner empowered with technology. Teachers adopt ICT-enabled teaching methods, which encourage our students to develop 21st century competencies.  At Hillgrove, we have been working on an ICT infrastructure, knowledge and skills, which will support a widespread and effective use of ICT in both teaching and learning.

Achievements & Highlights

Joyful Learning with Technology
The school leverages technology to cultivate joyful learning experiences for our students, through technology-enabled interdisciplinary learning trails and lessons. The use of augmented reality in our Mathematics lessons, QR code for orienteering in our PE lessons and customised web-based lessons for our Physics students. Collaborating with Infocomm Development Media Authority (IDMA), we are keen to prepare our students to be future-ready digital citizens in a Smart Nation through the Lab on Wheels and Digital Maker programmes. To stretch our students’ potential in computing, they are given opportunities to participate in numerous national and  international competitions. One of our students was selected to represent Singapore for the ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) Digital Challenge 2018 at Bangkok and he clinched third position.