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The Humanities department strives to provide an engaging and enriching programme to enthuse Hillgrovians in the study of the Humanities, and to equip them with creative and critical thinking skills. In line with this objective, the department adopts the  Structured Inquiry Approach to promote the development of inquiry skills and habits of mind which enables students to pursue knowledge throughout life. Structured Academic Controversy (SAC) is another approach adopted which encourages students to consider all sides of an issue equally before formulating a final opinion.  

Besides the Historical and Geographical Investigations conducted for Secondary 1 and 2 students, the department also organised an overseas learning journey to Kerinci in Sumatra under the Fascinating World of Forestry programme for Secondary 2 students.  In 2017, Secondary 3 students also embarked on a learning journey to Nanjing to study the culture, geography and history of that region.  Our students also participated in the NUS Geography Challenge, receiving an individual bronze award.  In addition, the department also provides opportunities for the study of eco-tourism in Kukup and participation in external competitions on Tourism.