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English Language & Literature

The English Language has become the world’s most commonly-used language, linking different cultures commercially, politically and socially. Hillgrovians also come from a variety of ethnic and international backgrounds. With this socio-ethnic diversity in mind, the English Language serves as a common medium of communication for us to understand others and to be understood. In line with the department’s vision to develop Hillgrovians to become confident and competent users of the English language, our department programme is customised to equip them with the competencies to read, write, speak and listen effectively. Of the four key language skills, reading remains the cornerstone of our department programme. Time is dedicated in the morning for silent reading and students are exposed to a variety of print and non-print resources. Through our extensive reading programme, we seek to develop students’ creative imagination and increase their knowledge of the world around them.

Our Literature programme in the lower secondary levels introduces students to the different literary genres and devices to further strengthen their interest in and understanding of the English Language. Upper secondary students taking Literature as an O-level examinable subject get to attend workshops organised by the National Arts Council’s Words Go Round Programme, and drama productions as part of our theatre experience programme.