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English Language & Literature



Empathetic Communicator, Discerning Reader, Creative Inquirer

The English Language serves as a common medium of communication for us to understand others and to be understood. At the local level, English is the common language that facilitates bonding among the different ethnic and cultural groups. At the global level, English allows our students to tap into a knowledge-based economy where English is the main lingua franca of the Internet, of science and technology, and of world trade. In line with the school vision of “Reflective Learners, Caring Changemakers”, we seek to develop our students with the competencies to be Empathetic Communicators, Discerning Readers, Creative Inquirers through the teaching and learning of the English Language.

Literature is a subject that nurtures both the head and the heart.  Our Literature programme at lower secondary introduces students to the different literary genres and devices. The school offers Literature in English as an O-level examinable subject for students who wish to pursue their interest at upper secondary. It encourages students to build personal and critical responses to texts and the world around them. The subject inspires and moulds students to become empathetic and global thinkers, creative readers, creative meaning-makers and convincing communicators, all important skills we need to navigate the world.

Achievements & Highlights

Level Programmes

  • Secondary 1 – Reading for Pleasure Workshop
  • Secondary 2 – Poetry Slam Workshop, Read@Lianhua
  • Secondary 3 – Inter-class Debate Competition

Signature Programmes


  • Students are rostered to read articles at the school’s Heartbeats broadcasting station

Media Resource Library (MRL)

  • MRL Reading Week


National Schools Literature Festival

  • Sec 3 Unseen Poetry Debate (Winner)


  • Lower Secondary Book Trailer (Sec 1 Team – 3rd)
    Sec 4 Set Text Debate (winner)
  • Sec 4 Set Text Debate (winner)