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Applied Subjects, Food & Consumer Science and Design & Technology



Applied Subjects
To nurture problem solving skills and stimulate curiosity & interest in technology
To provide students with hands-on exploration to construct meaning for themselves through concrete experiences, and to learn in ways that allow them to apply knowledge to real world situations.

The Applied Subjects Unit, which consists of Mobile Robotics (NT) and Electronics (O level), aims to inculcate attitudes relevant to engineering such as perseverance, curiosity, integrity, striving for accuracy, inventiveness, problem-solving (“can do” attitude) and intellectual thoroughness. The two years upper secondary curriculum is designed for students to acquire knowledge of the fundamentals of electronics and mobile robotics, to foster an interest and passion in the engineering field in preparation for post- secondary engineering courses.

Food & Consumer Science
To cultivate the joy of learning authentic life skills in nutrition, meal planning and health through food preparation and recipe modification.

To develop students’ understanding of the principles of food science to prepare them for tertiary studies in health, food and beverage related industries. 
Selected Sec 1 students participate in a Salad Making Competition where students learn how to plan and prepare a wholesome salad, as well as do a verbal presentation of their creation to the judges.

Design & Technology
Hillgrovians are engaged in a learning environment that gradually deepens and expands their understanding, knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems through the D&T curriculum. Students acquire the techniques and strategies of design thinking skill, as well as basic design, technology, sketching and 3D manipulation skills to carry out a design process in conceptualising design ideas and transforming that idea into something real. Moreover, students practise “learning by doing” via seeking design solutions based on thoughtful consideration of the users and have the opportunity to co-create innovative products to meet users’ needs and/or encourage people to change their behaviour to save the environment.

Achievements & Highlights

Applied Subjects
Participation in external competition
  • Powering Lives through Engineering
  • Rockwell Challenge 
  • Lighthouse by VIVISTOP

Food & Consumer Science
Participation in external competitions / events
  • Baking Course at BITC
  • ITE ignITE

Design & Technology
Secondary 1 Projects
Secondary One Express and Normal (Academic) students embark on a design and make an Enviro-Handphone Holder that serves to inculcate the preservation of natural resources.
Secondary 2 Projects 
Secondary Two Express and Normal (Academic) students apply the design process to develop a design solution that encourages the reduction of resource wastage. 
Secondary 3 Projects 
Secondary Three students deepen their understanding of the design thinking process by seeking design solutions to improve the lives of people such as the needy and elderly using the technological knowledge and skills learnt in Structures, Mechanisms and Basic Electricity and Electronics content.