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Co-Curricular Activities

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Each CCA draws up a comprehensive work plan of team building, training, participation in competitions that allows it to strategise and work on achieving key goals and student learning outcomes. As a result of our approach toward growing our CCAs, they grow from strength to strength.

An example is Hillgrove’s Youth Flying Club (YFC) that was introduced in 2001 to expose 20 interested students to aviation and flying through aeromodelling. Through the dedication and hard work of our teachers and YFC coach, we were able to build a strong partnership with Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC) to build aviation knowledge and skills in our students, and provide opportunities to hone important life skills and leadership qualities. These are achieved through experiential learning activities, assuming leadership roles, participation in competitions and helping the community. In consecutive years, our YFC has managed to come up tops in the annual National Remote Control Aero-modelling Competition and have been invited to participate in public aero-modelling performances held as part of the National Day Parade celebrations. Aditya Sharma, our graduate from our very first cohort (4E2, 2004), received his Provisional Pilot Licence (PPL) wings in March 2007 and now qualifies to fly a light aircraft.

DSC_0110.JPGTo encourage individual and team excellence in CCAs, from 2009 we have established the School Colours Awards for students who achieve outstanding performance in their CCAs.