School History


1.pngThere are many memorable experiences from the early years such as how the pioneer batch of staff and pupils pulled together to face the challenges during the first one and a quarter years we were holding in Yusof Ishak Secondary in 2001 and 2002.  We were the only secondary school that functioned in the afternoon session in Singapore.  We managed to surmount all the difficulties graciously in the hosting school.  I am extremely proud of the pioneer batch of Hillgrovians teachers, pupils and all support staff.

The most memorable moment must be the day when we left Yusof Ishak Sec and walked as a school to our new premises.  My tears welled up when I addressed the school upon our arrival in the indoor sports hall in the new premises.  I felt we were finally home in our own school.

The second memorable event was the school's first prize-giving day in 2002.  The school band blew my mind away with their performance.  I was overwhelmed that despite the challenge of lack of space for practice at Yusof Ishak Sec, the band managed to build up their knowledge and skills to play so creditably.  I learnt that we must always accord our pupils with the trust that they would rise to the occasion given the appropriate nurturing and teaching.

W2.pnghen I took over as a Principal of Hillgrove Secondary School in December 2002, there were slightly over 600 students and about 30 teachers in the school.  As a new school in an established housing estate, the question of survival came constantly to my mind.  How do we attract potential P6 Students, to opt for the school when there are many established schools in our midst?  With the support from the staff and non-academic areas, with the aim of gaining a firmer foothold in Bukit Batok.  We got off the ground and grew.  In 2005, the school's student enrolment grew to 1,490 and there were 73 teachers.

May Hillgrove Secondary School grow from strength to strength and continue to Learn, Care and Make a Difference.

KennethLeeHistory.jpgFor the past 10 years, our school has been nurturing Hillgrovians with the passion for learning, hearts that care and competencies to make a difference.  We have done this through challenging minds, moulding character, instilling values and developing leadership within our family.  Much of what we have achieved has been due to the passion, commitment and hard work of our staff and leaders.  Our strong links with both our stakeholders and external partners - members of SAC, parents, alumni, post-secondary institutions and the community - have allowed us to build on our strengths and leverage on the resources and expertise from our support circle to enrich Hillgrovians' educational experience.

We are thankful for what we have been able to accomplish during the first decade.  With the broad-based foundation laid, we will embark on our next phase of growth, that is to:

      • build a distinct school culture that is characterised by strong school pride.
      • enhance our students' learning with a focus on innovation, mastery of subject and 21st century competencies.
      • inculcate independent learning among our students and encourage them to pursue their interest beyond the core curriculum.
      • develop Hillgrovians' leadership capabilities to make a difference and promote professional pride and establish collaborative relationships amongst staff to strengthen capacities and skills.


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Mrs Carol Lim
2005 - 2009
Mr Mark Chan
2009 - 2010
Mdm Flora Ong
2010 - 2015
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 Mr Deli Lye (Admin)
2012 - 2017
Mr V Harindranath
2010 - 2018 
 Miss Chow Wai Hoong
2015 - 2019